—Animal Health Products—

Ranchers Supply is proud to offer a full line of animal health products to keep all of your livestock healthy. This includes everything from de-wormers to nutritional supplements, hoof care, joint products, fly control products and more.

We feature all the top brands of Animal Health Supplements like Epo Equine, Stride, Equipulmin, Zesterra, BioMane, Plantacea, MVP and Formula 707! Let us help you get your Equine partners on the right track!

Each Ranchers Supply location stocks a unique selection of products. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll see if we can get it for you.



Take a look below at the various brands we carry!



Farrier Supplies and Tools

You can also find a basic selection of Farrier Supplies here at Ranchers! If you are looking for a bigger selection of Farrier tools and horse shoes you need to visit our Farrier Supplies store known as Well-Shod.

Well-Shod is located at 305 N. Arthur in downtown Amarillo, Tx. Click the icon below to be directed to their website!